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Anju Chacko QBAnju Chacko QB 

visualforce page in edit layout

Can we show visualforce page on edit layout? Show one post (http://www.billgreenhaw.com/2013/09/15/description-on-top-of-page-layouts/#comments) but got confused.

I want to show some static text on edit layout....

Yes, you can override the edit button and have the edit page open a avisual force page.

Go to Setup > Customize(if its a standard Object)/Create(if it a custom object / select the Object / Select /go to the Buttons, links option/section and override the EDIT button

Here you can choose the VF page of your choice where you can show static data.

Anju Chacko QBAnju Chacko QB
Actually I want to add a vf page to standard edit layout..
Aaah, don't think that would be possible unless you override the complete page with VF.

I went through the blog link you've added and I understand his steps are for the detail page layouts listed under Setup > Customize