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Need Help fixing a test class.

I have a functional class, viewable here: http://pastebin.com/H7jRqq3j
for which I'm having a trouble meeting coverage requirements for.  I did have it up to 80%, but we discovered that there were more potential outcomes which needed to be accounted for, and now the best I've been able to manage is to get it hovering around 61%.
Test class is here: http://pastebin.com/7Afk0EyA
I would appreciate anyone who could help me fix it to get it back op to at least close to where it was.  I think my problem lies in the quoteP method, because it does not seem to be assigning the variables to be tested within the wrapper list regardless of how I try to accomplish it, particularly in regards to the error methods.  Regardless of what erroneous date I might try and feed it it never seems to trigger them.

Please share your code with the code marked in red which has not been covered. You can check which code hasn't been coveder by your test class in developer console. The code in blue is the code which has been covered and red one has not.
Thanks for the offer, but I managed to figure out the problem, another test user was manipulating some of the test records I had set for the tests so that was throwing it off.  All I had to do was create clean test records and I'm back over 80% again with a few modifications.