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Missing a field in creating a list view


Our user is trying to create a new list view on a custom object. The user cannot see a field in the available options when filtering.
Where do I need to check for the permissions?

The user has read/edit permissions on that particular field.
Check if the field is also added to the page layout. I am not sure if this will have any effect but you can give it a try.

Satish Kumar

Hi Nehaa,

                 According to my knowledge go and check the field aceesibility settings on a particular object whether field is in hidden or editable for related user profile.
         make sure if field is hidden then change the particular filed to visible

Hope this works.
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Cyril ChampierCyril Champier
I had the exact same problem, and the problem was that my field was a "Long Text Area field" which is not supported as a filter