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Damien Phillippi033905702927186443Damien Phillippi033905702927186443 

Login info attached to old email/computer

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask.... but there doesn't really seem to be a clear avenue.

I left my old job a couple of months ago, but apparently my person devbox login was somehow attached to that email (even though my person email address was the login).  Now when I go to try to log into my box it doens't let me since it doesn't recognize the computer I currently use, and it sends an email to my old work email to validate my computer.  How can I contact Salesforce to try and get this fixed?
You will have to create a case with salesforce and see if they can help.

Satish Kumar
Damien Phillippi033905702927186443Damien Phillippi033905702927186443
So, I have to log a case for an org I can't access?  I thought I might have to end up doing that, it just seems sort of silly to log a case in one org to get access in another org.
Damien Phillippi033905702927186443Damien Phillippi033905702927186443
Nevermind, apparently that doesn't help.  Salesforce support for cases is garbage.  I've only had bad experiences so far with it.