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survey link with using sites feature in salesforce.com

I have below requirment:

I have sent an customer survey email to customer for feedback on opportunuty provided.

Like below

Thank you for business with us.Noticed the status of your Opportunity with  to Closed.

Please click on below link to have a feedback on opportunity.

Opportunity Feedback Survey.

In the above email message received by customer, now if customer click on

Opportunity Feedback Survey.

Then Separet site ( need to create using site feature) has to open with survey questions.

after filling up all questions once he submit that site page, then it has to store in custom survey object for tha perticular opporutnity as a survey...result

Now I need to know who we can accomplish this.....

I produced a survey application for DF13 - it was aimed at mobile, but as it used Jquery Mobile it will run on the desktop also.  In any case it may give you some pointers.  The app is available on github at: