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permission sets

hi i have custom  object cr  To be able to transfer ownership of an cr from a colleague to themselves so they can submit it on their behalf.

it can be donr by permission sets can i have nice apporch for this 

thanks in advance 

Sorry...but what is a "cr"? Is this the name of the object? 

Assuming that is the case, transfering ownership has nothing to do with permission sets. Permission sets could give a set of users access to the object with the "Modify All" setting on that object. But that is a blunt instrument, and doesn't sound like what you want. 

But then you mention submit? Do you submit the record for an approval process? 

In the approval process itself, you can certainly assign quite a number of submitters for approval processes. It is rather static in nature, but you have a good deal of flexibility in that you can define the record Creator, Owner, an arbitrary user, public group, role, or role and subordinates. 

But if you're thinking a dynamic submitter, that's quite a bit more difficult. 

Hopefully this answers your question, but if you could take some time to outline more clearly what you want to do, what is the business case, what have you tried, and what features you are using, it would help to give a more specific answer. 
HI Peter_sfdc

Thnaks a lot but i need custom object change request need aprroval for it it any user is not persence users that we give it to, to be able to transfer ownership of an Change request  from a colleague to themselves so they can submit it on their behalf.
Trying to decypher a bit: 

You have a custom object. 

There is some process that is related to change requests that you use approval processes to control. 

You want to allow a one user to be able to submit that record on behalf of another user. 

The way you hope to accomplish this is to have a user transfer the record to themselves so that they can then submit it. 

Am I missing anything? 
thanks lot peter but when the absense of the user another user should take it ans submit the aprroval behalf of him