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Utilizing standard Activity object in Salesforce community

For the last couple of hours I was trying to get to Activity object in the Community. And I'm not sure if it is possible.
Googling and docs did not help.

Anyone knows if it possible at all?

Visible in Self-Service Field on Events and Tasks Renamed to Public. So if you make fields of events and task public, you would be able to access it in community.

Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=faq_customer_portal_communities_impact.htm&language=en_US#VisibleInSelfServicePublic
Hi, Vinita. Thanks for the reply, But I meant a little bit different thing. I wanted to get to "007" object from communities. So we need a calendar view, and I can't get how we ca use the standard one in the communities.