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Running triggers from scheduled class..

good day;

I am currently trying to bulk load data from a csv file to an object called vista_vasa__c, what I want is that from this view a trigger which tests the other catalogs based on the new record is triggered that view, for obvious reasons the load gives me problems because it exceeds the limit of 100 queries.

For my part I decided to change the method and let the load occurs without firing the trigger, ie the event did trigger off after upgrading instead of after insert. And to trigger the information update and create other catalogs based on the records made a scheduled hearing to make a list of records that were updated view and one to one by changing the value of a checkbox class false to true.

The problem is that when trying to do this if it is set to trigger on the object vista_vasa__c scheduled class does not perform the upgrade logs and catalogs are not created and updated.

My question is:
There any way you can trigger the shutter calling this from a scheduled class?

In the scheduled class can be configured to allow the execution of triggers?

Some details:
1. The burden will pretend to perform more than 10,000 records. Currently another co-development is setting the load from the tool informaticaCloud.

Two. Importantly, within the trigger object vista_vasa__c create and update records from other catalogs, which in turn triggers some fire themselves.

I'm sorry if I do not understand at some point, the truth'm using the google translator because I have not an advanced English language proficiency.

Expect an answer soon

Triggers fire with some action on a table/record.
Scheduler don't do this - unless your code explicitly creates/modifies a record.

Better, use a batch operation. Call batch operation from scheduler. Then in the batch, do what you want.