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custom url in sites

Hi all,

I have a requirement line below

1) Need to send a survey email to customer 

I have created a Vf page and one new site....using sites and attached that vf page with that site...

I have other sites in my org...Can I use any one of the existing Site instead of creating new site ?  to do this I clicked on existing site label....

and clicked on custom url...

it asked domain name to crate that..when i enter existing domain...it is not taking...

My question here is can we able to use existing site for new site?

Please help...
If I understand the requirement correctly - you wish to use one Site URL to acess another new site that you have created.

The Force.com site URL has to be unique and it cannot be repeated as it is the identifier of the site - you will have to create a new site if you wish to host content on it. 
Chandra PrakashChandra Prakash


i think you need to create new page and all fields..
if you want use same page you can try <iframe src="#"  width="90%" height="700px" frameborder="0"></iframe>