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Building counter logic without using Apex

Hi All,

I am new to Salesforce.

We have this following requirement.

We have four fields in a custom object (F1,F2,F3,F4)

If F1's value is set to "Start", then F2 should hold that current time in GMT.

And when the F1's value is changed from "Start", then F3 should store that changed time in GMT.

Also F4 should now display the (F3-F2) in days (Lets say F2 is 10:00 AM and F3 is 11:00 AM..then F4 should store/display as 0.0417)

Is it possible to implement this without using Apex ?
I would suggest you rethink your appoach and Logic here, You could possibly use a forumla for each of the fields F1 - F4, I'm not sure what your trying to do here but by marking out the logic for each field and what data it recieves depending on certain condidtions would be a start.

If forumla fields don't meet your exact requirment, then combined with field updates may work.