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Error that I am getting when a scheduled batch job tries to update the contacts running the below batch class code.

Error that I am getting when a scheduled batch job tries to update the contacts running the below batch class code :

Error : Feedback API _ Scheduled Job _Too many query rows: 50001

global with sharing class ContactBatch implements Database.Batchable, Schedulable, Database.AllowsCallouts { global static final Integer BATCH_SIZE = 10; public static final String RECR = 'RECR'; global List failedContacts = new List(); global List contactsToUpdate = new List(); global List admissionsOppsToUpdate = new List();

global void execute(SchedulableContext SC) {
    ContactBatch contactBatch = new ContactBatch();
    Database.executeBatch(contactBatch, BATCH_SIZE);

global List<Contact> start(Database.BatchableContext BC) {
    String recrValue = RECR;
    String contactId = '003V000000FZfaZ';
    String query = 'SELECT {0}, (SELECT {1} FROM Applications__r WHERE isDeleted = false ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC)' +
        ' FROM Contact WHERE FieldsHaveChanged__c = true AND isDeleted = false';// AND Id = :contactId';
System.debug(query); Set uniqueContactFields = new Set(SparkroomServices.contactFieldsToCheckFromLmsCustomSetting); uniqueContactFields.add('Current_Opp_Id__c'); uniqueContactFields.add('Inactivation_Reason__c'); uniqueContactFields.add('Service_Indicators_Non_Editable__c'); uniqueContactFields.add('Service_Indicators_Editable__c'); uniqueContactFields.add('Recruiting_Status__c'); uniqueContactFields.add('Residency_Status__c'); String contactFields = String.join(new List(uniqueContactFields), ', '); Set uniqueAdmissionOppFields = new Set(SparkroomServices.admissionOppFieldsToCheckFromLmsCustomSetting); uniqueAdmissionOppFields.add('Start_Term__c'); uniqueAdmissionOppFields.add('Sparkroom_Lead_ID__c'); String admissionOppFields = String.join(new List(uniqueAdmissionOppFields), ', '); query = String.format(query, new List{contactFields, admissionOppFields}); return Database.query(query); }

global void execute(Database.BatchableContext BC, List<Contact> contacts) {
    SparkroomServices.runBatch(contacts, failedContacts, contactsToUpdate, admissionsOppsToUpdate);

global void finish(Database.BatchableContext BC) {


The query is ContactBatch contactBatch = new ContactBatch(); Database.executeBatch(contactBatch, 5);

Please help.


Surya KiranSurya Kiran

Return querylocator in start method. It will handle up to 50 million records. You are returning only normal soql query which will handle only 50k records.