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StoreCache.find() doesn't work if searching on non "standard" Indexed fields

I am having issues in makeing StoreCache.find() work on fields that are not the standard indexed (__loclal__, ID).

Here is how I setup the cache:

app.cacheContact = new Force.StoreCache("contacts", [ {path:"Account.Id", type:"string"} , {path:"LastName", type:"string"}]);

I assign it to the contact model:

model: app.models.Contact,
cache: function() { return app.cacheContact },

When I try to use the following query (inside a model):

return {type:"cache", cacheQuery:{queryType:"exact", indexPath:"Account.Id", matchKey:(this.key == null ? "" : this.key), order:"ascending", pageSize:25}}

I get the following error on the console:

DEBUG|SFSmartStore|Unknown index path 'Account.Id' in soup 'contacts'

I tried also to change the name of the field to AccountId. Same error happens If I use the field Email or Phone or any other.
find works only on the fields __local__, ID, and FirstName  (it doesn't work for LastName)... weird...

Thanks a lot for any help you could provide


Dominic Blythe .Dominic Blythe .
What you put here looks ok. Maybe the problem is with something else.
just to check, are you calling app.cacheContact.init() before you use this StoreCache? Checkout the AccountEditor sample app for usage example. Here's the code: https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-Shared/blob/master/SampleApps/smartsync/AccountEditor.html#L522