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Ted Z.Ted Z. 

Problem with Logout

I have a hybrid app. that we implement login, refresh access tokens, etc.

I just implement Revoke Refresh_Token by POST Refresh Token to instance_url + '/services/oauth2/revoke'.
It works.  The app. could not renew access token with the refresh token. I assume by doing this the app. is logged out.

My problem is, when I tried to login again, the screen shows the dialog of Allow, Deny MyConnectedApp. It seems like the app. is not log out.

I just need to click on Allow, then the app. is logged in again.  I don't need to type in password, etc.

How to fix this problem?
Ted Z.Ted Z.
2 days ago, I used the exact same code, the logout works as I expected. Every time I call logout(), I need to type password to log in again.
Then I moved my code to a different place yesterday, the behavior goes back to the one as I described above. No password is needed when re-login, directly ask me if Allow or Deny the connected app.