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Code Coverage not Displaying in Developer Console

Before '14 release there was a invaluable feature in salesforce to check the covered/uncovered code segments of a particular class or trigger. They were clearly showed with pink and red color so that developers can easily manage the code coverage. But recently forums say it has been moved into developer console. But I can't find that feature even in the console. Please help if anyone know the job.
Dev AngelDev Angel
In the Dev Console, there is a Test menu item that allows you to run tests from.

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After the tests are run, if you open the classes that were tested you will see the coverage colors.

Paul JoycePaul Joyce
No you won't.  This is driving me cmpletely crazy - I have mnot been able to see ANY code coverage at all today - despite hours in these forums.  Why can't it be a simple menu option?

I have rune some simpe tests successfully (from Trilhead) and there is NO COPVERAGE shown anywhere.

It really sucks
With new release there's an option under Test > Always Run Asynchronously. Check that option and run the test class. Then lower panel, select Test tab and select the test you just executed. Then double click the class name from Overall code coverage section at the right below. You can see your class code coverage.