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Picklist field values on Visualforce page

I'm very new to visualforce pages. I'm trying to add a picklist value to a field (Platform__c, in custom object Change_Request__c) that is called upon in the visualforce page as follows:

<apex:inputField value="{!Change_Request__c.Platform__c}" required="True"/>

I've added the value to the field itself in the object itself, and I've enabled all of the picklist options for all record types in the object. 

The problem is that the new picklist option is not showing up for the Platform__c field on the visualforce page. There are two instead of three options.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Hi Jeremy,

I dont see anything wrong in your code. Same tag declaration is working in my app. I suggest you to cross check field level access or recordset options once again.

Aha - figured it out - the visualforce page wasn't registering the changes because I had changed the field in a sandbox and the page was referencing the production field. Just deployed my changes and everything looks good. 

A learning experience!