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Email to Case - Change Default Owner

We have Email to Case, When ever a case is created I am the default owner of the case. Now, we would like to change the default owner to some other user. How would I do this? We donot have any assignment rules on this. Where else I can check for the settings?

Please help!
Hi Neha,

I would suggest you to go to Setup > under Build > select customize > cases > Support Settings > Change the Default Case Owner to the person whom you wish to make the owner when a case gets created.
Thanks Sonam!

I see that default case owner is xyz@xyz.com but when ever a case is created the owner is changed from xyz to my address. Where do I need to check the settings?
Could you please check any of the cases where you see that the owner was changed to you from xyz@xyz.com and get the user making this change.

It looks like there might be an assignment rule which is transfering the case from the defalt case owner to you.