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Visualforce Page: Show only the Table for Report results

Is there a way to set an iframe inside my VF that generates only the report results, for a visualforce page Dashboard?

I know you can add ?isdtp=nv to the end of the URL parameter to get rid of all the Salesforce sidebars/headers, but it still shows the report title, report Options, report buttons, and filters. How can I set the Visualforce code to only give me the table of results?

My use case: I need to generate a Dashboard with one table of the same results for every States in the US. My report has the State equals filter turned on, in which I can pass pv0=AZ (for example) to populate that filter. Currently, with SF dashboards, I would 52 separate reports for each state to create 52 dashboard components; but Dashboards only handle 20 components, so one Dashboard is out of the question.

I would like a VF page Dashboard to get all 52 states, using one source report, and passing the State through the URL; then only show the table of the report results that is only 4 columns wide.
Don't believe it is possible to just pull in report data on the vf page with the filter options etc in the UI - was wondering if you had the following option in mind:   Create a datatable and use a filter with list of  all the 52 states.

You can use selectlist to create that filter and pull in data from the DB by passing the selectoption value to the SOQL. 
Hey..just got the following class which holds the data for a running report : ReportResult: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_class_reports_reportresults.htm

Please go through and see if this helps..