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ntext Compatible field type in SF


We currently have an integration where a separate system logs into our SalesForce org and creates/updates records on a custom object that we then run other processes off.  A request has come in to include some other data points in the integration for use in Salesforce.  When running this by the developer/system admin for the other system they indicated that one of the new data points is in "ntext" format and that it may be long and contain images.

My question is if there is an ntext compatible field in SF (after a little digging I think ntext = nvarchar(max)?). I don't think the length will be an issue, but the images might?  Would making the field an RTF field be the best solution?

Jeremy Stender
Hi Jeremy, 

Not exactly sure but  Salesforce has 2 data types namely BLOB and Rich Text Area field which can be used for Images or Large text.

See if you can replace or convert to the Salesforce primitive data types. See the links below, 

Data Type Description
Blob A collection of binary data stored as a single object. You can convert this datatype to String or from String using the toString and valueOf methods, respectively. Blobs can be accepted as Web service arguments, stored in a document (the body of a document is a Blob), or sent as attachments. For more information, see Crypto Class.