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Convert a date to a number

I have a table dashboard showing open cases and it is currently showing case origin, custom picklist field, and record count. I need to add the oldest open date for each grouping. It has to be a number field(summary on report by minimum) as that is the only other column I can add to the dashboard component. I can add the day field with (Day(Datevalue(CreatedDate))), but I really need at least the month in addition to the day.  It would be great to get mmddyy as a number field.  Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this, if it is even possible?

it can be possible, but in number field you would have a comma

ex. for a created date: 1/8/2014

mmddyy:  10,814

RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate), 7),2)
&RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate), 10),2)
&RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate), 4),2))

You may consider to the format yymmdd : 140,108

RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate), 4),2)
&RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate), 7),2)
&RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate), 10),2))
Thank you, actually I did get it setup this way yesterday(leaving off the year), but I know the comma will look strange once we get into October.  I guess that is the best I can do.