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Date field logic (2)


I have two date fields
1. "Due Date at Customer"
2. "Quote Completion Date"

Is there a way to create a formula field/logic into these two fields? 

Essentially, what I am trying to accomplish is to: 
1. Create a report off of these two fields to track if one our quotes, was devilvered on time. 

For example: If the Due Date at Customer is 2/28/14, and the Quote Completion Date is 2/27/14, then a field is populated as TRUE, or CHECKED, or something? 

Same goes for if the Due Date at Customer is 2/28/14, and the Quote Completiion Date is 3/10/14, then the field is FALSE, or CHECKED, or something. 

Does this make sense? 

Thank you advance! 
Hi Rob,

This can be acheived through a workflow field update:

Create a checkbox with default setting as false(unchecked) - 

In the workflow - keep the rule criteria as Formula based and have the formula setup as 
Due Date at Customer > Quote Completiion Date is 3/10/14 

Update the field checkbox and mark it TRUE

Let me know if you have any questions while setting this up..
So far I have been able to set up no problem. 
In the formula field I have " Due Date at Customer > Quote Completion Date 
I left out the "3/10/14" ( I am assuming that's there as an example) 

Checked Syntax. OK. 

Saved and made change to checkbox to mark as TRUE 

I will be testing it out and let you know! 

Thanks for your support.