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King KooKing Koo 

Won Opportunity Amount report superimposed with target report. How??

Hi there

I thought it would be a very simple thing to do but I just have a mental block.  Hope you can help.

This is the use case.  The client uses opportunity.  They want to see the total amount of won opportunities per month (across all people).  That's easy, a summary report filtering by stage = won, and group by calendar month.

This is the challenge though.  The client has a custom object that stores the target.  The custom object looks like:

Year: 2014, Month: 01, TargetAmount: 5000000
Year: 2014, Month: 02, TargetAmount: 5200000

so as you can imagine, 12 records for year 2014.

Client wants to show a dashboard that combines the summary report (Won Oppr Amount By Month) superimposing the information against the target.  The target is not set at the salesperson level, not at department level, but at the top level - bascially, the target for January 2014, across all salespeople in the entire company, is $5000000, for example.

Am I even using the right approach?  Should I have used a custom object to store target information?  And how would I put the data from these two separate entities together on the same report (and eventually dashboard)?

Thanks a lot
Hi King, 

Can you try uding a Joined Report on which you can create a Dashboard. 

See the links below,