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Formula Field Quick Question


I have two roll up summary fields F1 and F2.
Each of these fields can contain integer starting from 0.
I need to create another formula field F3  (a textbox btw) with the following logic.

If (F1+F2) > 0 THEN F3 should be checked
If (F1+F2) <=0 THEN F3 should be unchecked.

Can someone tell me how to do this ?
Hi Nurav,

if you already have that two rall-up field then nothing to worry about

create a formula field, and do these steps
1. Select type == Checkbox

2. Formula expression should be like this

          IF((f1__c + f2__c) > 0, True, False)

3. mark check "treat blank as zeroes".

4. Click save.

Salesforce Developer