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How to get the 'patch organisations' tab in package detail page .

Hii , can any body provide me information how to get the 'patch organisations' tab in package detail page  for doing patch versions for my package .
You need to log a case in the partner portal (www.salesforce.com/partnerportal) and request Push Upgrades to be enabled.
@aalbert ,

Thank you for your reply , I loogged a case and now the push upgrades button is enabled in the org , but there is no tab like patch organizations is available to create the patch org . Please let me know the steps to follow after enabling the push upgrades button.
Please respond to that case with a comment stating you'd also like Patching to be enabled. If that doesn't work, please post the Case # here and I can inquire internally.
@ aalbert

Thanks for your response , i followed the same and got our  patch org ..
Menand ModhavadiaMenand Modhavadia

good response !!

i am understanding this topic esily to your answer.