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PKB knowledge base

I am using Public Knowledge base where in trying to display the feedback section for the articles so that clients can select Yes /No button. However , this is not rendering on the bottom of the articles.
I can see there are componets like "pkb_article" and "pkb_articleview" through this is being displayed.

When I am not using the below line of code , I can see the feedback section on the articles. But contents are not being displayed

< apex:variable var="nonSiteArticleURL" value="{!$Site.currentSiteUrl}/articles{!pkbCon.selectedLanguageURL}{!typeName}/{!urlName}/?" />

When I am using the above line of code in the pkb_article component, I am able to see the article contents but not the feedback section. Someone could please help me to understand the logic or the way to incorporate the feedback section in the articles.
I will appreciate the help.

Hi , 

Need some more information on this, 

Enable debug logs and see if you find a clue where the code is breaking which is not displaying the content. 

If you have the feedback component seperately try on a diffrent visualforce page to see the behavior. 

I believe there is something overriding each other and that posssibly could be spacing and branding issue as well. 


@Francois , please help me in this .....