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Standard validation error in VFP

I have a validation rule on a field Status__c.The error message is as follows -

You cannot "manually " change the Status.

In the Visualforce page I am using this field.

When this validation fires, I see the error in the VFP as -

You cannot "manually" change the status.

Is there a way to display the word manually in double quotes ?

Note in my page i have <apex:pagemessages / >

and in my controller

catch(System.DMLException e){
            return null;

TRY <apex:pagemessages escape="false">
Thanks @Subramani_SFDC.
I was aware that escape = false does the trick but i am skeptical because I don't quite understand the risks based on what the documentation says -

escape :Boolean

A Boolean value that specifies whether sensitive HTML and XML characters should be escaped in the HTML output generated by this component. If you do not specify escape="false", the character escape sequence displays as written. Be aware that setting this value to "false" may be a security risk because it allows arbitrary content, including JavaScript, that could be used in a malicious manner.