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site.com updating community fields ie cases

when will this be possible? otherwise we need to build everything by hand for coummunities
any advise from salesforce?
Hi , 

Enable Cases for Communities Users
Enable cases for external users so that they have access to and can create cases in your communities.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
User Permissions Needed
To enable cases for Communities users: “Manage Users”
When you enable cases for external users in your community, you can assign cases to those members. Additionally, external
members can edit cases, create new cases, add case comments, reassign cases, find case solutions, and create case teams. External
users can’t edit case comments, associate assets with cases, or delete cases.
Note: Case comments added by external users in communities are public and can be viewed by any user that can
view the case.
1. Add the Cases tab to the list of available tabs in your community.
2. Set tab visibility and “Read,” “Create,” and “Edit” object permissions. You can either set them on the profile or using a
permission set. We recommend using a permission set if you plan to apply these permissions selectively.
a. If using a profile, such as the Partner Community profile, set the cases tab setting to Default On and enable the
“Read,” “Create,” and “Edit” object permissions for cases.
b. If using a permission set, create a permission set with the following settings for cases:
• In the Tab Settings, select Available and Visible.
• In the Object Settings, select “Read,” “Create,” and “Edit”

Pg # 21 http://help.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_communities_implementation.pdf

Reply back if you are looking for anything else. 

Michelle KorslinMichelle Korslin
Hi Ashish, your information has been very helpful. I am getting a little stumped and I'm hoping you can assist me. I am try to create a permission set for case objects. When in the Object Settings in the permission set, I do not see Cases as an option for selection. Am I looking in the wrong area? I appreciate your help!