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salesfocrce community - customise cases layout


We are looking for someone to migrate us from the standard salesforce community layout for cases to a format that matches salesforce own case layout.

Here are some examples
- when you submit a case there is a cancel and next button within salesforce
- when you submit a case you are displayed a list of knowledge answers before the case is submitted within salesforce
- when you submit a case the "save and close" "save and new" etc buttons that make no sense and are not in the salesforce own implementation, need to be removed

We will work with you to come up with the complete spec of requirements. But the key here is to make it the same as salesforce.

ie we want it to work the same way salesforce does - this can be done by building custom force.com pages

you MUST have experience with force.com and salesforce community to win this job - there will many on going customization tasks after this one

job can be found here
MetaSys SoftwareMetaSys Software
1. You want the same layout as SF 'Open a Case' for Standard Case object.
2. Which will include the 2 VF pages and one common extension(apex controller).
3. On first page, all input fields along with 'Cancel' and 'Next' button.
4. On click of 'Next' case will be saved and user will be directed to second page.
5. On second page knowledge base will be shown with 'No Thanks,Submit Case' button. On click of  'No Thanks,Submit Case' button redirected to case details layout.

We have experience in force.com development, we would like to discuss detailed specs for same.