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HELP:when does a Component gets invoked in a Visualforce page

Hi All,
Generic Question:
In a visualforce page I have a custom component.I would like to know when it gets invoked or refreshed.
Like on every time page load or refresh constructor get called.
In the similar way on what all instances the component is invoked.

My Requirement:
I have a table which holds the records.
upon click of each record i want to invoke the component.
How do I acheive this?

Many thanks in advance!
sushant sussushant sus
it invoke on page load but
you can call component  java script method through page..
Jayesh W.Jayesh W.
You can achive this using apex:actionFunction

Refer this link for details: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/pages/Content/pages_compref_actionFunction.htm

Jayesh Wairale
Thanks for your reply.

My question is 
I have component created  <c:showKeyFeatures>
I'm using this component in my VF Page where I have a list of Products(say Cars).
Now When I click on each car it should invoke the component where i pass the some values of that and intrun the component will have some logic in the controller to fetch the keyfeatures and display on the component

So for each click on the record I can call a Javascript function but how that will my component gets invoked?
Can someone show me some code sample for better understanding.

Once again many thanks  :)