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Hide "Forgot your password" from communities login page


I am trying to remove/hide "forgot your password" link from Salesforce communities login page.

Its a custom page, but I have included this block <c:SiteLogin id="siteLogin"/> which gives me Username, Password, Login button and "Forgot password" link. However, I want to remove the "Forgot your password" link.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

I'm curious... why wouldn't you want users to have that link?
Having 1 community License, I have used three different brandings for communities. So now the users gets to see 3 different communities using different CSS.

However, the Forgot password link needs to route to custom page where I can add branding to it but I am not being able to access that "Forgot your password" anywhere to modify it for custom pages.


Have you tried java script? you can use functions like ".hide()" or ".visible=false".

To get element, try "GetElementById("")".

Also you can use firebug in FireFox Browser to test the code.

Thanks Rajesh. It indeed worked. completely forgot to hit javascript for catching the elements.

Thakns again.