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Bug: metadata retrieve() call returns incorrect LastModifiedDate and CreatedDate for "CustomObject" type

Metadata API v29.

When using metadata retrieve() call to retrieve specificFiles e.g. MyClass.cls, MyPage.page or Contact.object system returns correct CreatedDate & LastModifiedDate for code files like MyClass.cls or MyPage.page but not for objects like Contact.object.

retrieve() call for Contact.object (and other objects) always returns current Date/Time instead of the real CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate.
So if I issue retrieve() call for Contact.object twice in a row I will get two different Create and LastModified dates.

Does anyone now a workaround for this?
Thanks for reporting this on our forum,

let me test this and check with my team as well to cross check the behavior, once confirmed, will discuss and let you know the available workaround..