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Data Retention/deletion based on rules in salesforce


Does anyone has any idea...how to acheive and setup rules(Policies) in salesforce based on which data retention/deletion can be done.

i need Detailed design for rule runner if someone can help me on this
Any code architecture.

Rule Runner

The Rule Runner would be a Batch Job which would be scheduled to run on a daily/weekly basis. The Rule Runner would fetch the Retention Rules for each Object and run them against the SFDC database to get the list of Objects that meet the requirement. References to the matched Objects would be added to the Audit table if it does not already exist. The framework would create instances of one of the Policy classes, and execute them to get the required results.
Hi , 

You can create an APEX Class or a batch APEX which can use the Describe Calls to fetch all the Objects in the Org and

have selective queries on the Objects 

There after use the DML delete options to delete the Returned Records.