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Ischanged on Checkbox

I want to write a workflow rule which will update a field if any of three checkbox is changed from blank to true . I tried ISchanged . It is giving me error . Any suggestions ?
on workflow entry criteria, make it to Field1 <> Blank or Field2 <> blank or Field3 <> blank
Actually I want to check if it was unchecked before and now it is checked . Here is what I want do :

I am planning a mass update to update 10 checkboxes it is a big file of thousands of records . I want to run report on which records were actually updated as a result of mass update .
Exactly, do above, and choose created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria when you create workflow, thus only when previously did not meet above criteria will trigger the workflow.

If you are just trying to update bunch of records, then workflow won't able to achieve as it only evaluate when records been updated. On that case, you will need to exact report and do mass update by data loader.
kevin lamkevin lam
If they are checkboxes, then they are either true or false and never blank. I think you just need to use this condition:
Field1 || Field2 || Field3
Thank you everybody . I was actually trying to achieve something that ischanged() would have done  . I don't think i can do that with check box . My purpose was solved by running history reports .