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SOQL LIKE comparisson


When creating a lead, I need to compare the lead Fiscal number field with the account fiscal number in a soql query. 
The issue comes with this case:
Lead Fiscal Number: DE12345
Account Fiscal Number: 12345

I want the query to detect this situation and return me the account in the list, but it doesnt appear:

This is my code:

        string FiscalNumber1Lead='%' + lead.Fiscal_Number_1__c + '%';
        return [Select ID, Name, Owner.Name, Fiscal_Number_2__c, Fiscal_Number_1__c,KAM__c,AccountNumber,Account_Status__c,Commercial_Brand__c, Inactive_Reason__c From Account
        Where ((Fiscal_Number_1__c LIKE :FiscalNumber1Lead))  limit 100];

But with this situation I am comparing  '12345' like: '%DE12345%', and obviously returns me no results....

I also tried to change the condition to:

Where ((l2.Fiscal_Number_1__c LIKE :Fiscal_Number_1__c)) but it returns me an error in the code.

Can anybody give help me please?


string FiscalNumber1Lead='%\'' + lead.Fiscal_Number_1__c + '%\'';

Try this!

If this solves your problem, kindly mark it as the best answer.

Anto HotelbedsAnto Hotelbeds
Thanks for your help but then I would be comparing lead fiscal number with lead fiscal number,....
Hi Anto,
You can try to split or remove the first two characters getting from database and then you can compare the field values.