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Invoke Sql Server SP from Salesforce Apex

Customer wants to interact Salesforce with external database like SQL server to get the real time data into the Salesforce for the Sql server database when action performed.

Can anyone help out to achieve this.
BW Developer DaveBW Developer Dave
You'll have to use some kind of middleware application. There is no way for SFDC to communicate directly with an MS SQL server. You'll either need to build a middleware app yourself or use an existing ETL tool like Jitterbit or Scribe. 
Thanks for your reply!

Middleware app or Webservice or ETL Tools are not cloud based things if i'm not worong, but we wanna acces SQL server data through visualforce page up on user request, please do let me know if any thoughts on this!

Thanks in adnavce!
The following posts might answer your question

Thanks for your chain mail!

I have gone through the links you posted but they are not related to pull data from SQL server through salesforce APEX!

Thanks again!
BW Developer DaveBW Developer Dave
Like I said before you can't do direct Apex -> MS SQL server communication. You have to use some kind of middleware application to handle the communicaiton. 

I'm not here to lie to you :)
I know it is a true and thanks for your truths!

Can you give your thoughts to achieve this using webservice instaed of Etools!!

Folks! Still this is outstanding!

I'm welcoming to take any suggestios upon to accomplish this webservice/callouts except Etools.

Thank you in advance!