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How to implement REST with APEX call in native iOS apps ???

Hi ,

Could you please let me know how to implement REST with APEX call in native iOS apps?

Currently below command was worked fine in command prompt after the Apex rest Class was created.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer sessionId"

But actually this REST request should be called in the native iOS (not cURL..)
I investigated any site how to implement , but I could not.

So I posted this forum.

[I want to know.]
1. How to implement regarding getting the SFDC authorization in order to connect the native apps to SFDC service? (Sample source is appreciated.)
2. Hoe to implement regarding calling the APEX REST with objective-c? (Sample source is appreciated.)

Thank you in advance.
Hope the following blog posts helps

Also the below post,  I did not go much deep into this but the heading is promising :)

Hi Ramu -san

I appreciate your reply.
I will confirm these sites and I tackle this issue.

Best Regards.