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Live Agent Deployments and Security Zones

The Live Agent help for the Deploymnet record says:

"If you’re using security zones in Internet Explorer 8 or 9, be sure your deployment and any website that hosts that deployment are in the same security zone. Due to an issue with Internet Explorer, it’s not possible to launch a chat window from a website that’s in a different security zone. For more information on security zones, refer to Internet Explorer help."

It is saying that the URLs embedded in the Deployment javascript have to be in the same zone as the website itself?  If so, how do I determine what zone each is in?

NehalNehal (Salesforce Developers) 

This statement states that if in IE you wpuld have to set the domain name of your website in security settings zone. That is, Open Internet Explorer-> Click Tools->GoTo InternetOptions->Click Security Tab->TrustedSites->Sites-> and add the domain of the site here.

You can also click Reset all zones to default level, and then click OK.

Also refer the link below for your reference:

I hope this helps.
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This is my latest interpretation of what this means.  What makes the message confusing is that it is written from the point of view of the exception.

Considering this from the point of view of the typical website visitor, Salesforce is in their Internet Zone since it is out on the Internet from their point of view.  The website hosting Live Agent will also be in their Internet Zone for the same reason.  Therefore, the zones match and there should not be a problem for most website visitors.

The issue occurs when the website is inside a firewall.  Its zone is then Local Intranet Zone from the point of view of a user also inside the firewall.  But, Salesforce is Internet Zone.  Therefore, visitors inside the firewall have conflicting zones and a security error occurs.

One business scenario is if Live Agent chat was meant to support internal corporate customers instead of the public at large.  It could also occur if the Development environment for the website was inside the firewall.