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Invalid (isoCode of currency data should never be null. '000' for single currency org)

I have a validation where I am comparing a rollup summary field ( sum of currency type field) with 0.00 but I am getting following error while evaluating validation rule on inserting record.
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi Sandeep,

As you said it is strange to get that kind of error in a single currency org. 
What I'm thinking that maybe the exception that you are getting : << isoCode of currency data should never be null. >> 
Could it be possible that is any other validation around that object?
The errors that we usually get are :  INVALID_CURRENCY_ISO The specified currency ISO code is not valid..

Not quite sure .. but an idea.

Kind Regards,

CurrencyISOCode field is not available if the org doesn't have multicurrency enabled.
When you enable multicurrency, all the existing records are stamped with default currency that you decide.

Does your org have multicurrency enabled ?
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi , 
Totally true what APN said, then might be the development is comming from a multicurrency org to a single? 

Maybe you know already, sorry if so,  ... In order to check - multi or single , only going to company information .

Priyanka PundirPriyanka Pundir
Hi, Was this issue resolved? I am getting the same error. Please suggest
Steve UsmanovSteve Usmanov
looks like it is a known issue