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Displaying Record Id(SFDC Id) Instead of Record Name

 In our application, TSF object is child object of Account object. We are creating the new records in two ways by dataload and system creation. 
Recently we found the TSF record names are having the Record Id(SFDC id). We are sure system won't create the records like that. But it's because of either dataload or user entered manunaly edited. Can you please advise how is it possible to update the records with record id. 

Record name is Text field, it's displaying the Record Id. It's not a custom page, also so there is no possible of vf page.  We are using either record id or external id for dataload. 
I am assuming Record Name as a standard field..!

If we dont enter any value into that field and save the record, Salesforce automatically stores that record id in the field.
If you are not in need of that field, you can convert that field to a AutoNumber field.

I'm pretty much sure, user can create manually. But what i'm assuing , due to dataload issue. When we are inserting a record by using upsert, the record name if didn't fill. so it's due to the same i guess