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eclipse plugin problem

I'm new in the force.com developement environement, but I'm a programmer already, anyways, my problem is not coding related, it is the very first step which is connecting a new project to the "www.salesforce.com" plateforme.
i have successfully installed the force.com plugin into the Eclipse IDE, but still when i want to create a new project and give my ID, Password, and Security Token, it tells me everytime that to check my creditentials, and to see and check my internet connection.
but actually my profile is the only profile for the moment as "System Administrator", and i'm sure that my internet connection works fine.
Does anyone have an idea of a solution or a hint i know i can develop with the only plateforme but i prefer to program on my computer (actually it is a macbook pro, but i doubt that it makes a difference).
Thanks to anyone who has any help, information that would help.
i can give a hand in C, java and some other programming languages in return.
praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan

If I understood your problem correctly means my solutions is

1. Select the environment correctly if you logged in with login.salesforce.com you should select Production/Developer Editions else if you logged in with test.salesforce.com you should select Sandbox.

2. If first step is not working then Reset your security token. Then proceed with new password and new sec. token.

3. If above is not working select the new location in your system to store a projects through eclipse.

4. If nothing helps you means uninstall everything first install java then installl eclipse. 

Hope this will help you.

You will have to check the Environment (Production/Sandbox/Developer Edition)
This is usually the problem.

Satish Kumar
hello everyone,
thank you for your concern, i lucky found the solution :
the salesforce IDE on eclipse asks a username, password, and security token to create a new project which you necessarily need to be able to do litteraly anything else.
the only thing that is not mentioned when you reset the security token is that, in the security token slot at the authentification screen, you should insert only the security token without the password of the organization or whetever user or developper password that you are using to connect to the plateforme.
i have spent the whole night trying everything till i stumpled upon this site of conversation : https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F00000008sonIAA that gave me the idea to try and it worked.
so thanks again, and i'm sharing my solution too hopefully it will help someone else
kind regards