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B.T. FranklinB.T. Franklin 

Conditionally Enabling/Disabling Publisher Actions on Salesforce1

I would like to be able to conditionally enable/disable specific Publisher Actions on a record based on some execution logic. Is there any way to do that? I haven't been able to find any way to have a Publisher Action be displayed but disabled.

My current best solution is to simply take the user to a screen which explains why they cannot perform the action they've attempted, but that is definitely sub-optimal behavior.
The solution you have is the best available I'm afraid.  Publisher actions are on or off for all records, they can't take the record contents into account.  
Jonathan GreenJonathan Green
The other option would be... to create a new record type with a different layout without that button, it's just a pain to have to maintain different record types simply to make buttons/actions not show.
Publisher actions are common to all instances of the object though - you can't control them via page layouts.