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remote site into managed package for any salesforce instance

Hi all,

I want to include MetadataService in my managed package, the problem is when I tried to install this package in another instance of salesforce.
I mean, when I created this package I did in eu2.salesforce.com, although I tried to install it in na15.salesforce.com. So my remote site doesn't work with different instances, because the metadata is inside the salesforce.

So does anyone know any way to include the remote site for any salesforce instance?

Thanks in advance,
PrasanntaPrasannta (Salesforce Developers) 
Try installing the same package in other org in  na15 instance and include the site in the remote setting site.

Hope this information helps.

First of all, thanks for replying me.
The problem is exactly that, I mean, I don't want that each user must include their own site to use metadata.
However I was talking with Salesforce support, and there aren't any solution for that.

So this question is closed until salesforce changes that.