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Looking for entry Level Salesforce developer jobs in Brisbane, Australia

Hi All,

This is Yamini Bathula from Brisbane, Australia. I have more than 5 years of experience in customer service in different types of companies. I am more interested in developing as I have done my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering and I have attended Dev 401 certification course 2 weeks back to change my career.I am now preparing for the Dev401 certification test. And also building my resume to apply for the jobs. Can anyone help me in building an entry level resume for me? Just give me some tips to build an impressive resume.


Hi, Yamini,
Good luck with the certification test. I'm guessing you did your CS & E graduation while working. In any case, that should have given you a firm grounding in programming. Also, looks like you are on the right path with the 401 Cert. My suggestion, if you haven't already done so, is to
1) get your hands dirty with Apex and VF code and feel real comfortable with custom objects, controllers, governor limits, etc.
2) start networking with SF user groups in your area and see if they have meetups that you can attend and learn from.
Drop me a note at service@4cepower.com with your current resume and hopefully I can give you some tips on how to structure it.

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James McNeillJames McNeill
Hi Yamini.

Can you contact me on james@superannuationproperty.com? We are looking for an entry level sales force developer for our office in New Farm, can you please email me your CV. 

kavin karthikkavin karthik
Hello friends,
I am also looking for a entry level job in salesforce Admin/Developer,I have completed two certifications which ADM-201 and DEV-401 recently and I am practicing myself in Admin and Developer side.Moreover preparing for DEV-501 also.can anyone help me to find an entry level Salesforce job.