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Cesar Ramirez Vasquez005391619375684564Cesar Ramirez Vasquez005391619375684564 

How can i insert a child object when i dont know the parentID sales force is creating ? What value i should sent to the master-relationship field how can i retrieve that value?

Im stucked here for 3 days now what can i do ?, i insert the parent, but i dont insert any specific ID on the parent and i have child object with a master relationship i need to insert what can i do ?
Hi Cesar, The following salesforce article might help http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/creating-a-child-record-when-a-parent-record-is-created

Please let me know if this helped or are you looking out for a different solution..
Cesar Ramirez Vasquez005391619375684564Cesar Ramirez Vasquez005391619375684564
Hi thanks so much for your response ! I already fixed it !