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How can i get the data from SQL server to salesforce via dataloader or jitterbit or any middleware tools..?

Please share ideas and step by step process to get this done if anybody has implemented this before..?
Does the data get stored in salesforce ?

Any help is greatly appreciated..
From DataLoader, you'll need to use it with CLI.
Download and install DataLoader
For SQL Server, you'll need to download and install the JDBC driver, copy the file sqljdbc4.jar to \Data Loader\Java\lib\ext
Create a dedicated user / security settings in SQL server.
From the /bin folder, create a encryption key with encrypt and use that key to encrypt you Salesforce user password.
Update the database-conf.xml and process-conf.xml to create the bean for the operation you want to perform, there is sample in the /sample folder.

With all of that you should be able to transfer records from SQL to Salesforce and/or from Salesforce to SQL.