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Alvaro SevillaAlvaro Sevilla 

force.com accesible sites for disabled people

Hello such, anyone know or have worked force.com accessible sites for disabled people , ie having some difficulty to accede or to use the content, and that both support have Visualforce  for this type of styles or have to  use external technologies how css and html.
sam sammsam samm
To make the website accessible to disabled people you need to use attributes like title.
Also if you're apex tag which doesn't have title tag make use of css:

.hiddenText{ position: absolute; font-size: 0; left: -1000px; }.
the above css will hide the text from the page but it can be read by the screen reader software.

Hope this helps!

Alvaro SevillaAlvaro Sevilla
Thank's, I'll have into mind, in conlusion it should be used; html, css and js, thank you very much