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Tom TobinTom Tobin 

Whether manywho is on, and how eventrelation is used.

Is there a way to know, not using the metadata API, whether 
Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events
is checked or not?

Because, if it is, we need to read eventrelation to find the whos, and to write eventrelations if there are multiple whos.
If it's off, we can only have 1 who, and we shouldn't write to it.
Also, if it's on, EventRelation.status seems to be unset for many-who records, whereas it's set to new or another status value if you are using it for invitations. Is setting to null ok for many-who use?

Also, it seems to be default off right now. Is that scheduled to change? Is there a time to upgrade?
Currently I don't think we have access to pull the permissions associated to profile through apex but there is an option to check the permission associated to permission sets. The below post would give more insights on this 
Tom TobinTom Tobin
It's not a profile permission or something on a permission set. It's a switch for the whole org.
There is one behavior post-v26, and one other behavior with the "allow users to relate multiple contacts..." turned on.
  1. Is there a way to know the status of the perm from the user API
  2. In the case that it's on, does null have a meaning for the status
  3. is it default off now for all new orgs?
  4. is the plan to make it default on later (e..g one day when DOTs are changed).