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Difference between workflow and approval process ?

I mean,I know what is a workflow and an approval process. But how do I compare them? Please guide. Thanks!

  1. They are activated when a record is saved.
  2. Workflow consists of single step and single action.
  3. Workflows can be modified or deleted.
Approval process:
  1. approval process are triggered by explicitly clicking the "Submit for Approval" button.
  2. Approval process consists of multiple steps. Also different action is taken based upon whether the record is approved or rejected.
  3. In approvals some attributes cannot be modified. Processes must be deactivated before approvals can be deleted.

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praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan
Hi ,

Workflow:-Work flow triggers when an DML events like Insert,Upadte Occurs.we canot fire workflows after record has been deleted.

        Workflow actions are     Field Update,Email alert,Task alert and outbound message........ so u can any of action for workflow.so when ever work flow fires that action takes place.

Approval Process:-
suppose u can think like this, in an Software company there ia an HR team,when ever they opens a postion ,that position has to approved by HR team..if Hr team approved that position then that position is approved and they start open recuritment. if they rejected  position then they doesnot open recuritment.........for that position

when ever an record submitted to Approval process,the record is going into locking state.if it is approved then it is in locking state forever.if it is rejected then that records comes in to unlocking state.

in approval process we can trigger work flow when   initial sumission,aproval action,rejection action,final rejection.................

Pls refer this link https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F00000008o7kIAA

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Praveen Murugesan.