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Adding the standard check spelling button to a visualforce page

I have Overridden case edit page with custom VF page, now i need to add the standard check spelling button or custon check spelling button to the edit page.
Please guide me if any have ideas

You can create a button and call the below javascript

doSpell({ctrl:'tsk6',lang:'en_US',title:'Check Spelling',intLang:'en_US'}, '/servlet/SProxyWrapper', document.location.protocol + '//' + 'spell-chi.salesforce.com/spellcheck', 'There is nothing to check', 'We are sorry,our spellchecker currently does not support the browser you are using. Please upgrade your browser.', 'The Spell Checker is not available in this language.');

or you can go for other JS packs...http://jquery-spellchecker.badsyntax.co/ (http://jquery-spellchecker.badsyntax.co/" target="_blank)

forgot to mention you , in the above code tsk6 is the of the html component that you want to do spell check....
Hi Kiran, Thank you for the response, can you pls elaborate with example to use the doSpell its bit confusing. Thanks & Regards Venkat
doSpell is a javascript method used by salesforce that I used 2 yrs ago.  This may work or break at some point of time....If you can see the standard spell check button on salesforce page you will be able to get the method by inspecting the html code of the button in chrome or mozilla.  This is what I am trying to suggest you... But we have pros and cons on this.... So better go with jquery or other JS libraries...