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Problem with attaching "Converted Leads" as campaign members on a campaign

Hi Group,

We are consolidating salesforce instances and as a part of it data is being migrated from one instance to another instance. All the objects have been moved over, but there is a problem with attaching "Converted Leads" as campaign members on a campaign. There are few fields in campaign which actually displays the following:
-- Total Leads ((Count of Leads + Converted Leads) - attached to the campaign)
-- Converted Leads (Count of Converted Leads - attached to the campaign)
-- Total Contacts ((Count of Converted Leads + Contacts) - attached to the campaign)


In instance "ABC", on a campaign the numbers are as follows:
-- Total Leads = 25
-- Converted Leads = 14
-- Total Contacts = 14

In instance "XYZ" the data is migrated from "ABC", trying to import campaign members
-- Total Leads = 11
-- Converted Leads = 0
-- Total Contacts = 14

The unconverted leads and contacts are just fine with the migration, but the converted leads are not getting attached to the campaign. Our company wants to retain and track lead based campaign members which are converted to contacts when data is migrated from "ABC" to "XYZ". Opened a ticket with salesforce but there is no resolution as of now.

Salesforce API document on campaign member has a note : Only use a ContactId or LeadId, but not both, unless you want to track lead-based campaign members you convert to contacts.

I have tried following steps to migrate campaign members and here is the status:
Successfully imported a campaign
Successfully imported unconverted leads as campaign members
Successfully imported contacts as campaign members
Failed importing converted leads as campaign members (error: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id)

I am sure someone would have come across this situation and it would be great if they can share how the converted leads attached as contacts on campaign members are moved over from one instance to another without getting the "converted leads" field value on campaign skewed. .

Thank You.
If any body else runs in to this issue, Salesforce has no fix for this situation yet nor they can update the numbers on those fields for us. So please vote on this idea:

https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l5F4AAI (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l5F4AAI" target="_blank)