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Can I choose which Channel's Knowledge Articles to display on a Site in code?

Tell me if I am approaching this the wrong way...

I'm building an FAQ Site and would like to display different Knowledge Articles based on what page they came from. To get that info, I'm using ApexPages.currentPage().getHeaders().get('Referer')

If they came from within our cloud product, then I'm going to assume they are a customer, and I'll want to display Knowledge Articles from the Customer Channel. Otherwise, I'm going to assume they are coming to my page via somewhere else on the web, and I'll want to display only Knowledge Articles from the Public Knowledge Base Channel.

I cannot find any way to do this... But it seems so logical. I feel like there has to be a way to do this.

...Unless there is an easier way, like making use of Data Categories somehow... Or, maybe a harder way, like perhaps I have to set up a Customer Portal?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.